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( Mar. 10th, 2007 06:56 pm)

I have to know you from somewhere to add you, if you don't mind. I have to admit I'm not too keen on sharing my thoughts with people I don't know from at least somewhere. So yeah, comment and tell me who you are and I'll add you.

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( Mar. 6th, 2007 09:37 pm)
The following is a letter from the honest to gods love of my life. She is the assistant manager at a Starbucks and she's doing a really great thing by putting this team together (entirely her idea for her district to participate so the awesomeness is really all on her, btw!). I told her I'd pass it on because she's such a wonderful person and it's for a great cause.

                               ♥    ♥    ♥

Hello Everyone!
    This is a general e-mail to ALL of those I know, or have known in the past, are related to, or are friends with, or possibly do not even know. This year I as an ASM at Starbucks am starting a Team for Relay for Life.
     Before I get into my 'asking' I will explain to you what Relay for Life is. Relay for Life is an event that the American Cancer Society puts on every Summer, usually ranging from late May to the end of June depending on where you are. You get a team started, and your team members raise money, and you raise money but just going around and asking people to donate to the cause. It is an awesome cause at that. It is not a 'cure for cancer' fundraiser, the money that is donated goes back into the community and is used for a various amounts of things for those with cancer!
    The event takes place over a 24 hour period; a Saturday to a Sunday Morning. There is ALWAYS someone from your specific team on the track at all times. (People sign up for walking at certain times).
    I know most of you do not leave in the area so asking you to come and partake in the festitivies is just a lil silly. HOWEVER, you can contribute by making as little of a donation or as much of a donation you would like at my Relay for Life site that the American Cancer Society puts together each of the teams.
The Link to my particular site if you want to make a contribution to my efforts as a team member is
The link to my TEAM site if you want to make a contribution to just the entire team is:
   It's easy as typing in the amount of money you want to donate, and then paying via any major credit card / debit card.
   As my District Manager told me Starbucks doens't do anything unless they do it with a 'bang'. So I am HOPING to raise a lot! If you have ANY questions feel free to e-mail me or call me if you have my number.
    Thanks so much for your help! 




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